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BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH là một công ty tập trung vào nghiên cứu và sản phẩm công nghệ sinh học.
Năm 1992, nó được thành lập tại khuôn viên của nghiên cứu y học sinh học Berlin ở Berlin-Buch (ngày nay: Công viên công nghệ sinh học Berlin-Buch). 
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Hotline : 0908090555
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Cursory overview about our services in this field:
  • DNA Primers / Oligonucleotides (unmodified and modified, Wobble etc.)
  • Synthesis of Primers in microplates
  • RNA Primers / Oligonucleotides
  • siRNA-Oligonucleotides
  • Chimere Oligonucleotides
  • 5‘- and 3‘-modificated RNA-Oligonucleotides
DNA Oligonucleotides /Primers contains
  • Synthesis of unmodified DNA-oligonucleotides
  • Synthesis of Backbone modified oligonucleotides (Phosphorothioate, 2’-O-Methyl)
  • Synthesis of Wobbles, Insertion of dI, dU, 5-Me-dC et al.
  • Synthesis of a variety of modified oligonucleotides (single- and double-tagged)
  • Standard purification via desalination (Sephadex G25)
  • Optional purification via RP-cartridge and RP-HPLC
We are providing the following labels on 5’ and/or 3’ end:
Aminohexyl, biotin, digoxigenin, phosphate, FITC, TRITC, rhodamine, 6-Fam, Hex, Tet, Tamra, Rox, Joe, Cy5, Cy3, BHQ1, BHQ2, BHQ3, Dabcyl DNP, Europium
Human Proteases
  • ACTIVITY Sensitive Aggrecanase Assay  Manual
  • Universal Protease Activity HtrA1 maxi  Manual
Therapies with Therapeutic Antibodies or Biologics
  • recoveryELISA TNFα neutralization rate/ Adalimumab Kit (RTA), IvD, CE certified  product data sheet
Mycotoxin ELISA
  • Competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative detection of Aflatoxin B1  product data sheet
  • Competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative detection of Deoxynivalenol  product data shee
Labeling Tools
  • BioTeZ Peroxidase Labeling Kit – Preparation of HRP labels using highly activated Poly-HRP; BTHRPK-03 or -05 labels  product data sheet
  • BioTeZ Biotinylation Kit – Reagents for the Biotinylation of 1 – 10 µg antibody/ other Protein; BTBIOK- 05 or -10 labels  product data sheet
Labeling and Synthesis Service
  • Preparation of HRP label
  • Preparation of Poly-HRP label
  • Preparation of Biotin label (Biotinylation)
  • Preparation of FITC label
  • Preparation of Europium label
  • Customized Fluorescent labeling
  • Customized immune conjugate (hapten conjugate)
Zymography Service
Zymography: Enzymatic Activity Analysis Service (a BioTeZ service adapted for Matrix Metalloproteases (MMPs)
Immunoaffinity Columns for Mycotoxins
Immunoaffinity Columns for Vitamins etc.
Immunoaffinity Chromatography Tools
  • BioTeZ IAC Kit for immunoaffinity column preparation – Pre-activated chromatography gel medium incl. empty columns  product data sheet
  • BioTeZ IAC Gel – Pre-activated chromatography gel medium
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