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TrusPure Urine Cell-free DNA Extraction Kit

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  For purification and extraction of circulating cell-free DNA and RNA from human urine sample  

Kit Contents
TrusPure Urine Cell-free DNA
Extraction Kit
Bottle form
Catalog no.
Number of preps
(50 Tests)
TrusPure Proteinase K
7.6 ml
TrusPure Buffer UCL
41 ml
TrusPure Buffer UCB *
210 ml
TrusPure Buffer Wash II
25.5 ml
TrusPure Buffer Wash A
105 ml
TrusPure US Beads
2.05 ml
TrusPure UC Beads
2.05 ml
TrusPure Buffer Pure S
3.1 ml
TrusPure Buffer Pure E
8 ml
Prefilled Reagent plate**
8-Tip Comb(2 pcs/bag)

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Hotline : 0908090555
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This kit is designed for extraction of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from up to 15 ml of urine. The procedure upon sample loading until completes in about ~180 minutes. Extra purified procedure could obtain pure urine cfDNA which can be directly used for
downstream molecular biology applications such as PCR and NGS.

Intended Use
TrusPure Urine Cell-free DNA Extraction Kit is used to manually isolate circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from urine samples. The exceptional purity is suitable for PCR and RT-PCR, Genotyping or Sequencing (NGS) assays.  

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